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Chocolate Coffee

Hello again!

The first polish from the Perfumed collection from Pastel I`ve ever tried was this one:

Pastel Perfumed polish 'Chocolate Coffee'

And I think I`m in love! <3 That smell of hot and sweet chocolate with a little touch of coffee.. Mmmm... Delicious! :) I want to eat my nails! LOL
You know I talk about 'Chocolate Coffee'- the brown treassure from the new Perfumed collection of the Turkish brand Pastel.

Pastel Perfumed polish 'Chocolate Coffee'

I applied it in two coats althought it`s thick enough even in one coat.

Pastel Perfumed polish 'Chocolate Coffee'

Pastel Perfumed polish 'Chocolate Coffee'

And guess what? The smell of yummy chocolate remains strong even after the top coat was applied. Isn`t it just lovely?
A few words about the decoration on theese pics- I used waterdecals from theese ->

Sweet waterdecals

They defenetely match with the polish as for the colour so as for the sweet flavour you`ve got in your mouth when you hear the name- Chocolate Coffee.

Pastel Perfumed polish 'Chocolate Coffee' and waterdecals

I can`t wait to try the other ones from this collection. I think they` re too sweet!

Pastel Perfumed polish 'Chocolate Coffee'

2 Days later Update!

As I wanted to try something else from the Perfumed polishes, I applied the Cinnamon top coat over the Chocolate. I think it`s great combination! And the smell is even sweeter than the chocolate smell. It`s not exactly cinnamon, but something like cherry. It`s sweet enouhg! LOL

Pastel Perfumed Top coat Cinnamon
Pastel Perfumed Top coat Cinnamon 

Pastel Perfumed Top coat 'Cinnamon' over 'Chocolate Coffee'

And finally, I tried the 3D decoration on my nails->

It`s not very good, but I`m making it for the first time on my nails. You can find the colour acrylic powders in Born Pretty Store ->

And the Acrylic liquid and brushes->

And of course the beautiful rhinestone in the middle of the flower ->

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