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First 3D try :)

Hello friends!

In this post I`ll show you my first touch with the acrylic powders. Yes, this was the thing I hadn`t tried yet. But now, I can proudly say that I tried making 3D flowers. :) And I`ll show you the results. Remember- this was my first try ever!

The acrylic was from the new stuffs I have from Born Pretty Store that I showed you in my previous post-

My first try of 3D flowers

I used random colours acrylic powders for making theese beautiful flowers. I tried to make different styles of flower leaves so that the flowers look different. Some worked out, some not... But I`ll keep trying and learning :)

My first try of 3D flowers

I placed a rhinestone in the middle of some of them.

My first try of 3D flowers

And tried making leaves- one and two- coloured.

My first try of 3D flowers

My first try of 3D flowers

I also tried to make them flat as much as it`s possible so that they will not stick out a lot from the nail. ->

My first try of 3D flowers

And here is the box with all 18 colours of acrylic powders ->

18 different colours of acrylic powders from Born Pretty Store

You can find it in Born Pretty Store as you click the link below:

I also used the acrylic liquid and the No.2 brush from this set-

Acrylic nail kit from Born Pretty Store
Brushes for acrylic nail art from Born Pretty Store

I`ll remind you again my -10% off coupon code in case you`ve forgotten it- RADIW21.

And that`s it! I`ll keep trying and practicing the 3D decorations. But what do you thing of this first try? Hope you like them! :)

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