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Mirror stamping image

Hello lovelies!

How are you doing?

I`ll show you a little trick that I saw in the net yesterday and I use often known as Transfer technique. Only this time the transfer will be of stamped image and we`ll make it with mirror look of the original image of the plate.
Here is what I`m talking about ->

Mirror stamping

Yes, my toes again and that`s only because today I broke my big toe` nail and I had to cut them down. And that made me change my polish and decoration.

I used the new Golden Rose Rich Color polish No.13. It`s colour is magenta- red (watermelon). It covers in two coats.

Golden Rose Rich Color 13

Dries really quick so I hadn`t to wait before the stamping.
I used BM-318 from the new 2012 Bundle Monster` Set ->

Bundle Monster BM-318 stamping plate

I stamped the image on the right foot` big toe and then made the next few steps for the left one ->

1. I used quick dry top coat (Constance Carrol 3) and a piece of plastic bag. Applied a coat of the polish on the plastic piece.

Constance Carrol top coat 3

2. Then I applied black Konad paint on the plate image, took off the excess paint with the scrapper and took the image on the stamper ->

Stamper with image

3. Then placed the image over the plastic piece where the top coat was applied.

Stamped on the plastic peace

4. As I used a quick dry top coat I hadn`t wait and just peeled off the decoration ->

Peel off the decoration from the plastic peace

5. Then I turned it and cut the excess.

Mirror decoration

And our mirror image was ready to be placed on my left foot`s big toe.

Then just applied a coat of top coat and my mirror stamped image was done!

Mirror stamped decoration

Hope it`s useful to you! :)

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  1. This is Seriously Brilliant! :) Thanks for sharing! :) I love little tricks like this!

  2. И твоите огледални хибискуси са станали разкошни, Ради, а и са в любимата ми цветова комбинация - черно и червено :-)

    1. Мерси Иве! И смея да твърдя, че този вариант за огледална щампа е много по- лесен от този, който ти пробва :)