вторник, 25 септември 2012 г.

Pastel Perfumed polishes

Hello friends!

I`ll show you one great and sweet colection of the Turkish brand Pastel. They are new but I couldn`t find the whole collection. The Perfumed collection contains 6 nail polishes with fruit smell and a top coat which has a smell of Cinnamon and it`s not as regular top coat, but one with golden glitters in it. They come in bottles 5ml each.
Here are the 5 polishes of all 7 that I could find -> Chocolate Coffee, Cinamon top coat, Pineapple, Mint and Grapefruit.

I couldn`t find only the Coconut and the Orange ones. Here are the five I`ve got one by one in pictures:

Pastel Perfumed Polish 'Chocolate Coffee'

Pastel Perfumed Top Coat Cinnamon

Pastel Perfumed Polish Mint

Pastel Perfumed Polish Pineapple

Pastel Perfumed Polish Grapefruit

And here is one lovely picture of the collection, took from here -


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