четвъртък, 20 септември 2012 г.

Angel VS. Devil


I made a lot of nail decorations theese days, so I`m starting with the first one which I have on tips from a long time, but I`ll show you the pic later.

Angel VS. Devil nail art

The red french is made with Catrice 360- Raspberry fields forever. I love this polish! It`s so easy to use and the best thing is it`s one coater.
The decoration is hand- painted with acrylic paints.
I used the Transfer technique here.

Angel VS. Devil nail art

Another sort of Angel and Devil is this one ->

Angel VS. Devil nail art

Here we have french as well, only this time we have white french on the Angel`s hand and black french on the Devil`s hand. The little glitters make it sparkle.

One more nails with this decoration ->

And one picture of the tips ->

Angel VS. Devil on tips

How are you feelin` today? Are you Angel or Devil?

Angel VS. Devil
Picture source: Internet

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