четвъртък, 27 септември 2012 г.

Cute snails :)

Hello friends!

I wanted to try this decoration a long time ago as I saw it somewhere in the net.

I used Catrice 010 'Dance Like A Prima Ballerina' from the Ultimate Nudes collection as a base coat. Applied it in one coat.

Catrice Ultimate Nudes 010 'Dance Like A Prima Ballerina '

Catrice Ultimate Nudes 010 'Dance Like A Prima Ballerina ' 

I made classic french and then painted theese cute snails. I used a yellow acrylic paint from Born Pretty Store (click the direct link to find it in their store)- Light Yellow Color Quality Acrylic Color

Light Yellow Color Quality Acrylic Paint from Born Pretty Store

I`ll remind you again my -10% discount code for every item in their store- RADIW21. The code expires on 30. 12.2012. 
They have low prices and a free shipping worldwide! So hurry on and make your order.

Finished all this with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Another variety of the snails on natural nails ->

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