събота, 28 юли 2012 г.

White french

Hello friends!

I decided to get  a small selection of my french manicures and to show them to you.
I`m starting with the first one that I really really LOVE ->

These were my nails two years ago (with gel overlay). But I love the smile line on this mani and of course- the decoration on my ring finger nails. I made gradient french in purple and One Stroke flower with white and pink acrylic paints. And then the white elements and daisies. I love it! <3

Next one is again with purple decoration, only this time theese are not my nails ->

Again One Stroke flower in purple and some swirls around it. I decorated the ring as well.

The next - purple again (I guess I like that colour LOL) ->

White french with glitter purple line that passes through the middle of the french. On the ring finger nails we have purple rhinestones instead of the glitter. Again plastic ring decorated the same way.

One french mani made on natural nails. The flowers on the middle and ring finger nails are painted with acrylic paints. One thin silver line added above the french.

This one I made a long time ago ->

But it`s very simple and easy to do so I`m showing it to you. The decoration here is with acrylic paints, as well.

And the last one is simple french with dot- line above the french line and small One Stroke rose on the ring finger and thumb nail ->

Hope you like the sellection I made for you! :)

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