сряда, 25 юли 2012 г.

Swirls and daisies

Continuing with the old pictures that I have to show you, I stopped my eye on this design ->

I saw this design from Alek`s Nail Atelier. I made it over permanent french with gel. I used only acrylic paints to make the swirls and the daisies.

I made an UV gel ring as well with the same design, because I was conquered by this type of jewels at that time.

UV gel ring

And here it is on my hands ->

Same design but different colour and only on one nail by hand ->

Again permanent french with white gel but I don`t like the form of my nails at all! :/ I was just started to do gel nails and I was still learning. Anyway. I made the french in two colours and the daisy is the same pink colour.

Again two- coloured french, only this time on my friend`s nails ->

And this one is my favourite for this design so far. I made the french using China Glaze- Aquadelic and Opi- Do you lilac it? Then separated the colours with tinny black line. And of course- the swirls and the daisy on the ring finger nails.

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