вторник, 24 юли 2012 г.


Hello again for today!

I decided to show you some more pics and I chose this time to be nails with real feather embedded in the gel! Hope you like the designes and variety of colours :)
I`m starting up with the picture of the whole my feathers collection ->

My feathers collection

And here is my first try to do this- I chose red feathers ->

Red feathers

The red polish I used for the other nails is Catherine Arley 946.

Next one is one of my favourites ever ->

Magenta feathers

I used magenta feathers and Opi- Don`t know...Beets me! for the french. I applied small hexagon glitters in irregular form in one end of the french, outlined with black and white lines. White dots above the french and we`re done with this one.

The next is also one of my favourites but decided in blue ->

Blue feathers

The blue feathers are placed over blue dry glitter- all embedded in the gel. The other nails are polished with great turquoise colour from Gabrini Summer edition M106. Lovely colour!

I changed only the polish a few days later so here they are the same blue feathers, only this time the polish is black for the base (Brooklin 02) and blue glitter polish (from my Opi- imitations) on top of the polished nails ->

Blue feathers II

Very sparkling, don`t you think? It`s great for night in the disco! :)

And that`s it for my feather manicures so far.
Hope you like it and enjoy it! :)

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