събота, 28 юли 2012 г.


Another selection of my photos is comming up.
This time I chose this flower design ->

Gentle white french on the other nails with silver glitter line above. And on my ring finger nails I painted One Stroke flowers over multicoloured glitter polish. 
I made the UV gel ring, as well, as I wound the ribbon around the ring and tied it in a bow over the plate.  I made the plate abstract and underlined its irregular form with white acrylic paint.

UV gel ring

A few days later I decided to take off the french from my nails and to make all the nails with this type of flower that I was made on my ring finger nails. I made them in different colours ->

I love the flower in every colour!

Here is another coloured french with flower on the index finger nails ->

I used Rimmel 053-"Apricot punch" for the french.

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