вторник, 31 юли 2012 г.

New stuff from Born Pretty Store!

Hello everyone!

I just recieved some cool new things from our friends from Born Pretty Store and I`ll show them to you. :)

First thing is actually set of 12 colours nail art striping tape ->

We`ll have lots of fun and nice designs to make with theese colourful stripes!

Next thing is a wheel box with 12 colours rhinestones ->

Love the colours! We have recent hottest colours- neon pink, turquoise, bright green...

And the third thing for now is a wonderful flower ring ->

It`s silver colour metal blooming flower ring with adjustable size. I love wearing rings and matching them with my manicure.

You can find it in two other colours - Three Colours Beautiful Metal Blooming Flower Ring Adjustable

Wonderful new things I have, don`t you think?

Hurry up and go check their on- line store-
You can find a lot more things as for nails, so as for hair and face and so on.
You can use my -10% off coupon code they kindly gave me- RADIW21. It`s valid before 30.12.2012 for every item in their store. And you know what? They have free shipping worldwide!!! How could you not buy something? :D And even more- the prices in the store are much cheaper than in every other store!
You can find them on ebay as well-

So have fun shopping! :)

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