събота, 28 юли 2012 г.

French and flowers

And the last picture selection for today is with one design that I made long time ago.

Here we have a permanent french with white UV gel. And a three flowers- decoration on the ring finger nails, painted with acrylic paints. Same decoration I made on the UV gel ring, made by me.

UV gel ring

I made it on my toes, as well ->

And on another nails where the french is with polish and covered with silver glitter. Here we have a flower on every nail ->

And another colour combination in creamy nude french and brown- salmon flowers ->

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  1. I love the models,but your ring is very beautiful,how you make it ?can you explain me please ?:D

    1. Thank you! Here is a video of making acrylic ring. Mines are from UV gel.

  2. Отговори
    1. Тhanks! I really had fun doing UV gel rings at that time. :)