сряда, 25 юли 2012 г.

Real net


How are you doin` today?
Hope you` re ready for the new portion of pictures, because they` re comming! :)

Today I` ll show you some designes that I` ve made long time ago. They` re all with real net, embedded in the gel.
Let` s start with the first one ->

The net in all pictures is embedded in the gel on my ring finger nails. I painted over it a One Stroke flower. For the other nails I used Very Vernis 103- beautiful pink polish.

The second one ->

I don`t like it at all, but I`ll show it to you. The flowers and the french line are made with Catherine Arley 673- holographic polish. The purple polish is from Perfect, I think (I don`t remember the exact polish I used).

The third one ->

I like this one! It`s with Catherine Arley 800- holographic polish. The belt on the ring finger nails is made with the same polish and just outlined with black acrylic paint.

Next one ->

I love that mint colour, but unfortunatelly, I don`t remember the polish I used...

I love that type of V- french with the two lines above it! I just added some flowers with acrylic paints on my ring finger nails. The black polish I used is Brooklin 02.

The next and the last one is with white french ->

I just added a magenta glitter line above the french and some glitter ellements on the "net- nail" :)

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