вторник, 24 юли 2012 г.

Моther of Pearl

Hello everyone!

I`ll show you today one design I`ve made a year or two ago, but it`s very stylish and classy.

I made a V- french using black Brooklin 02 polish ->

I love that black! It`s opaque enough in one coat. Perfectly for french!
Then I made the stripes above the french using black acrylic paint.

On my middle finger nails I placed multicoloured Swarovski crystals ->

Now for the ring finger nail. More of the decoration here is embеdded in the gel. We have dry glitter and a piece of  nacreous band ->

Then, when I finished my gel, I only outlined the butterfly with black acrylic paint and covered it with top coat.
And that`s it!
Do you like it? :)

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