четвъртък, 26 юли 2012 г.

Blooming Flowers


In this post I`ll show you a decoration I made yesterday on my mother`s nails.

She loves all her nails decorated so it took more time to make this. But the important thing is that she liked the result! :)

For the base I used Golden Rose with protein 207. It`s nice beige colour with lots of gold shimmer that is difficult to be caught on camera. Applied in two coats.

Golden Rose 207
Golden Rose 207

The colour is more like in the first pic but I don`t know why it looks so different on the photos :-/

I made the flowers using acrylic paints and the well- known One Stroke technique. Then just outlined the down side of the flowers with black lines as leaves. 

Covered it with Poshe top coat.

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