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Step by Step: Glitter french and one stroke flower


Today`s post will be from the Step by Step collection.

I`ll show you how to make this beautiful design and the things you`ll need are:
Base coat, top coat, silver glitter polish, black polish, white, black and red acrylic paint, flat and detailed brush ->

1. Apply the base coat and when it dries make the black french.
2. Apply the silver glitter over the black but not completely.

3. Take with both ends of the flat brush red and black paint and using the One stroke technique make one petal of a flower as the black stays in the base of the flower.
4.  Make another petal the same way.


5. Continue with the petals until you get the whole flower. Fill in with black paint in the middle if necessary.
6. Outline the petals of the flower with black paint and make some tinny black lines in the middle of the flower in every petal as veins.


7. Make some small white dots in the middle of the flower as a stamen.

8. Paint the black elements around the flower.

9. Cover with top coat!

And that`s it! Now you can make it yourself!
Hope you like it! :)

PS: I already made this design on nails so here is how it looks ->

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