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Step by Step Burberry Nails


Here is another one Step by Step tutorial, only this time it`s with Burberry design and one stroke flower.

But first, let me tell you what you`ll need for making this design:
Beige polish, base coat, top coat, white, black, brown, green and red acrylic paints, flat, regular and detailed brush.

1. Apply the base coat and when it`s dry make a diagonal french using the beige polish.
2. Take with two ends of the flat brush white and brown paint and make three petals of a flower next to the french, using the One Stroke technique.


3. Using the regular brush make one wide white line over the french`s end and one perpendicular to it over the beige.
4. Outline the petals of the flower with black paint as it`s shown on the picture ->


5. Outline the white lines with tinny black lines.
6. Make one black line in the middle of the white ones, too.

7.  Make two tinny red lines alongside the white ones as it`s shown on the pic ->
8. Make some tinny black lines in every petal of the flower.


9. Make some small white dots in the middle of the flower as stamens.
10. Using the One Stroke technique again, and white and green paint make two small leaves above the flower.


11. Outline the leaves with black paint as you pull out the lines and swirl them a little.
12. Cover with top coat!


And that`s it! Now you know how to make this cute Burberry design!
Hope you like it! :)

And here it is on nails ->

More pics you can find in this post -> Burberry Nails

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