петък, 18 януари 2013 г.

New Stamping Plates from Born Pretty Store


Today I recieved an order from Born Pretty Store which contains almost only stamping plates ->

They are all great and I`ll show you everyone of them in separate picture with direct link from their store. 
But as you see on the pic, there is one beauty red shimmery polish among with the plates and it`s gorgeous!

I can`t wait to try this beauty!

Now for the plates:

Hope the links and photos are useful to you. All the plates are very good quality. I think they`ll make perfect and easy stampings.
You can use my code for -10% off of your purchase when you buy something from Born Pretty Store- RADIW21.

10 коментара:

  1. I also have a few of these plates. Congratulations on your new))

  2. These plates look awesome! I was thinking to get some myself because I really need to practice my stamping (I'm just beginning) so I'll wait to see what you will do with these!

  3. The cittens/cats are sooo cute :D
    But also that red polish, lovely (:

    1. Yes, they are my favourites! And the polish- it`s even more beautiful on nails than in the bottle. <3

  4. Ради, харесах си две шаблончета. Каква е цената на доставката?

    1. Доставката им е безплатна, а можеш да ползваш и кода за -10% отстъпка- RADIW21 - така цената ще стане още по- ниска :) Определено не са за изпускане :)

  5. Отговори
    1. Доколкото знам, ако поръчката е над 30$ тогава отива на митница.