понеделник, 5 май 2014 г.

Black & Gold

Hello again!

This time I`m here with mani with gel polish over natural nails.

Theese are my mom`s nails and because she has a birthday in 3 days- on 9th May, she wanted to have something stylish and elegant on her nails. This is how the idea was born. :)

I used two Bluesky gel polishes- first Bluesky Classic 504 as a base in a single coat and then Bluesky Classic 518 for the black diagonal french in two coats. On the black tips I applied gold pigment. I used Essence 03 A piece of forever from The Twilight saga Breaking Dawn collection.

The lace above the black is hand- painted with acrylic paint and so is the gold line that separates the french from the lace.

Finished with Bluesky gel polish top coat.

And here are her nails, before I take off the gell polish, 26 days older ->

You can see the cute Frogs- decoration here ->

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  1. This is very elegant - I'm sure your mum was really happy! Her nails look really good too :-)

    1. Thank you! I also hope she`ll be happy wearing those nails on her special day. :)