четвъртък, 10 април 2014 г.

Frogs with gel polish and dry glitter


In this post you`ll see the same design with the Froggies I already showed you, only this time they`re on natural nails with gel polish.

The polish I used here is Bluesky Classic 504 as a base in a single coat. Before I cure it in the lamp I spread the green dry glitter on the tips and then cured it.

It`s my first time I`m embedding dry glitter in gel polish so next time will be better, I suppose. :)
I sealed the dry glitter with two coats of top coat and cured every coat. The glitter was too rough so I had to put a second coat of top coat (as I don`t have a transparent colour gel polish).
After that I buffered the nails for the decoration and painted the frogs directly on the nails with acrylic paints.

Sealed the decorated nails with Bluesky gel polish top coat.

And here are the nails with the gel polish I made 33 days ago ->

You can see the decoration here ->

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