вторник, 8 април 2014 г.

New from Born Pretty Store

I`m back again today to show you what I just brought home with me from the Post Office - my new package from Born Pretty Store.
Here is what came ->

As you can see, there are two different designs of waterdecals and a T- shirt.

First waterdecals are with cute cats on them ->

1 Sheet Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker Cute Animals Bowknot Pinwheel Watch Pattern

Next ones are for a whole nail and with flowers ->

1Sheet Pretty Flowers Colorful Tropical Fish Pattern Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker

Love them and I can`t wait to try  them! :)

Now for the T-shirt.

As you`ve may noticed, I`m huge cat- lover and that T-shirt just made me go crazy. I love the idea of the cat with sunglasses and how they suit the leopard patches on the sleeves.

The material is soft and nice stretching. It`s one size and here is how it looks on me ->

You can find it in the link bellow for the price of $14,61.

Popular Cute Cat Print Women's T-Shirt Leopard Eyeglasses T-Shirt

Visit Born Pretty Store for more great things for nails, make up, clothes and more.
You can easily get -10% off of the price as you use the code RADIG10.
And don`t forget they offer free worldwide shipping. :)

*Products, provided for review*

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