неделя, 27 април 2014 г.

Pink Paradise


Today I decided to try one of my new colours from the Bluesky gel polishes ->

The number of the polish is BLZ04 and it`s applied in two thin coats ->

On the index nails I tried new techniques for me- liquid crystals and silver foil ornaments.

As a base on the index nails I applied a coat of Bluesky Classic 546 first and then a coat of matte top coat. After I cured the top and removed the sticky layer I started painting the swirls using black gel polish- Bluesky Classic 518.

Right after I cured the black paintings I applied the silver foil and it sticked only on the sticky coat of the black polish. Then filled in the circle with Bluesky BLZ04- in two coats.

Finished with Bluesky gel polish top coat.

Hope you like the final result! :)

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