четвъртък, 1 май 2014 г.

Hot pink & Black


The decoration you`ll see in this post is inspired by another great nail artist.

As you can see, every nail is different from the others but in theese colours- magenta, black and white.
For the hot pink in the french I used Catrice- Hot or Not? and Brooklin No.2 for the black.

On the middle, index and thumb nails I painted one stroke flowers in white and magenta.

Over the black part of the french I applied  th scale effect from Kinetics- Daisies and Paislies, but is visible only in certain angle.

Finished with Seche Vite top coat.

And here are the nails before the refill, 19 days old ->

You can find this decoration here -> Easter Rabbit & Chickens


Here is the same design, made on natural nails ->

Аnd another EDIT, two years later ->

This time I used gel polishes- Bluesky 909 "Lollipop", 518 

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