вторник, 27 май 2014 г.

My little girl`s ladybugs :)

A little strange decoration, because it`s on my daughter`s little nails, but I paint them from time to time when she asks and she is sooooo happy. :)

This time I painted ladybugs ->

I used red polish and acrylic paints to paint them and they are only on theese four nails. :)

The smiley eyes behind LOL

And finally I wanted to share with you how happy I am because yesterday I recieved my prize from the Anaa`s (I`m A Nail Art Addict!) giveaway I won- the whole Kiko Sugar mat collection they were last released -

I`m so glad because I wanted some polishes of this collection but I couldn`t get them because they don`t sell them in our country and now I have them all! :)))

First one swatched you`ll see in the next post. :)

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