събота, 17 май 2014 г.

White Lines

And the last one for today is simple and yet so elegant ->

Nothing special here, I just painted some lines using acrylic paints and sealed with Opi top coat.

And last, I wanted to show you my cat to have some laugh LOL

She (he) was just in the right place waithing to have her (his) nails done :)

Have a great weekend all! :)

2 коментара:

  1. These nails are quite simple yet elegant and pretty.

    Oh wow your cat is gorgeous. It looks like a Siamese - is it? What is the cat's name? I love cats so much, got 3 myself. A Bengal boy and two pure white girls!

    1. I love cats, too. I have hats since I was born. This one is Siamese, yes, and his name is a little bit strange for cat LOL It`s a human name and it`s Stefcho :))) It`s Bulgarian version of the english Steven (BG- Stephan). :)

      I love white cats! :) Curious to see a pic of yours. :)