вторник, 6 май 2014 г.

Step by Step Two coloured french & Flower


I just realized that I haven`t posted a Step by Step tutorial from a long time.
So I`ll fix that mistake now. :)

Here is what you`ll need to make it:
- base coat, top coat, purple shimmer polish, white, black, carmin, lilac and gold acrylic paint, flat, regular and detailed brush.

And now, as usual, the steps ->

1. Apply the base coat and when it`s dry make the smile line of the french with black paint.
2. Take with both ends of the flat brush black and lilac paint and make the two- coloured french.

3. Cover the french with a coat of the shimmer polish.
4. Make a few swirls over the french with the thin brush and black paint.

5. Use the white paint and make three leaves of a flower.
6. Make thin lines with the carmin paint in every leaf.

7. Outline the leaves of the flower with black paint. Make some thin black lines in the middle of the flower, too.
8. Make the gold stamen of the flower and some black wavy lines above. Cover with top coat.

Here it is, how it looks on the nails with a little bit different colours ->

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