петък, 9 май 2014 г.

Color Changing gel polish & Orchids


Today I`ll show you one gel polish that became one of my favourites of all time.

Its from the brand Bluesky and from their Color Changing collection- TC21.
And this is how it looks when the nails are cold- bright magenta/ raspberry colour.
But things change when you make your nails hot ->

-totally different from the other colour, this tender white will catch your attention. Very soft and delicate colour.

The polish is very sensitive of the temperature(T) and it changes immediately with the T .

It looks sometimes like this ->

Love it!

On the index nails I applied first a coat of Bluesky Classic 535 ->

and then tried to paint one stroke orchids.
I added dimond shaped magenta rhinestone next to the flowers as an accent.

And finished the nails with Bluesky top coat.

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