събота, 23 февруари 2013 г.

Step by Step Corset & Bow

Moving ahead with the next Step by Step tutorial. It`s Corset & Bow.

First, as usual, the things you`ll need:

- Base coat, black and white polish, top coat, white, black and magenta acrylic paint, dotting tool, flat and detailed brush.

And the steps:

1. Apply base coat and when it`s dry make the white french.
2. With the black polish make the two sides of the corset- make one bigger than the other.


3. Make big white dots over the black end of the corset.
4. Over them make smaller black ones.


5. In the middle paint the bow. You can make it one colour only or use the One stroke technique and make it as I did- with white and magenta paints and the flat brush.
6. Outline the bow with black paint. Cover with top coat.


You can combine with the design of the corset ties on some other nail of your manicure ->

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