сряда, 13 февруари 2013 г.


Hello friends! 

I haven`t got time theese days to write in my blog, because of mine and my daughter`s birthdays. :)

So here are my nails for my daughter`s birthday ->

Yes, it`s Remy from Ratatouille! LOL
It`s my daughter` favourite theese days so I couldn`t miss the chance to make her happy when she see it on my nails. The cake was, of course, with the same mouse :) And part of her present, too :)

My 5 years old daughter :)

The polish I used is Essence 142- Grey-t to be here- you can see more pics and swatches here and here.

Essence 142- Grey-t to be here

Essence 142- Grey-t to be here

And one pic of both of us :)
Me and my daughter :)

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  1. Много сте сладки и двете, а декорацията както винаги е супер! Да ти е жива и здрава малката принцеса!