събота, 2 февруари 2013 г.

Golden Rose bag

Hello again!

This time the post will be for cosmetics.
Look what great gift I recieved from Golden Rose ->

And here are the things that were in the bag ->

Kajal stick and Sexy Black Mascara.

I`m very happy with both of them and you`ll see for yourself theese are very good products in the pics bellow.

Golden Rose Kajal Stick

The Kajal stick is soft creamy pencil in dark black. I was happy surprised to see it same way like I was just applied it after all day wearing it. 

Next product is the Sexy Black Mascara ->

Golden Rose Sexy Black mascara
Golden Rose Sexy Black mascara
It`s so beautiful in that pearly pink metal bottle and it has real lace and velvet flowers on the back.

Golden Rose Sexy Black mascara

The brush is rubber and a little bit strange but after I saw the results I think it`s worth the strangeness :)

Golden Rose Sexy Black mascara

And as we speak for results- here they are ->

And just to make sure there is BIG difference between my eyes with and without the Kajal stick and the mascara, here is one picture to show you ->

Both products are perfect and I`m very thankful to Golden Rose for the opportunity to try them and express my opinion.

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