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Turquoise Beauty

Hello everyone!

Look what beautiful decoration I just did to my nails ->

I`m in love!!! This is my favourite colour and it looks marvelous with this decoration, I think. <3
I was inspired by another nail artist to make it.

First, the polishes I used:

The turquoise colour is from the brand Kiko 342.

Kiko 342

Kiko 342
Kiko 342

Kiko 342

Over my pointer, little finger and thumb nail I applied a coat of the effect Golden Rose Multi Dimensions 15 over the turquoise colour.

Golden Rose Multi Dimensions 15

Golden Rose Multi Dimensions 15

The rest is all hand- painted work as I made One stroke flowers in white and turquoise on my middle and index nails.
On the same nails you see the colorful crystals I used.

They are from my favourite store- Born Pretty Store!

Click on the link bellow to find the crystals in their store:

For the price of just $4,05 you get 144 crystals! Wow! That`s really cheap!
Every crystal is approximately 2,7mm size. I matched them perfect with my ring in the first photo.

I`ll never stop reminding you my -10% off coupon code for their store- RADIW21, because it`s worth every $ you pay in their store. 
So, don`t waste your time and go shopping! :)

Finally covered with a coat of Seche Vite top coat!

Hope you like it as much as I do!

And to remind you if you want to support me in that contest as you open the link and thick the little square in the upper right corner above my photo- every vote is special for me! (You`ll see my pic bellow the fill in- form- I think it has to be the first one- pink with flowers and hearts)
Thank you!

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