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New from Born Pretty Store

Hello friends!

I have a review post for today, as you already seen- it`s for some new stuffs from Born Pretty Store.

I`m in love with the Hello Kitty luminous polish- I already have three of them and now, theese two were added to my collection.

You can find all colours of BK Hello Kitty polishes as you click the link bellow ->

12ml Bk Candy Color Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish Glow In Dark

BK Hello Kitty 22

BK Hello Kitty 32

This one is sooooo cool! It lights the most from the whole 5 polishes I have from that collection. Just a few seconds in direct sunlight or under lamp and it glows like this.
The colour is light mint green and it`s opaque in one coat, as the others I have from BK Hello Kitty.
The whole my BK Hello Kitty collection, glowing in the dark ->

The waterdecals you`ve already seen in this post -> Colorful Pastel Circles
I just ordered one more because I really like the effect with them.

You can buy yours here ->

And now, the best part for my daughter - the Angry Birds pen

My daughter is almost 6 and she loves everything that has an angry bird on it. So I decided to make her a small surprise and she was soooo hapy when she saw it! :)
You can buy yours here, low priced now, for just $0,99 ->

1 PC Creative Cartoon Ballpoint Pen Stationery Angry Birds Sling Pen(Random Color)

Please note, that you have to specify the colour you want wneh you order it, otherwise you`ll recieve a random colour.
The pen is so cute and writes soft with blue ink.

And last, one thing that I haven`t added in the first pic but I recieved recently- wonderful roses waterdecals ->

1pc Sun Flower Rose Nail Water Decals Transfer Stickers Y062/G103


And here they are on my mother`s nails ->

I think they`re gorgeous! 

You can buy everything on the site with -10% discount as you use the code RADIG10. They offer free worldwide shipping and hot deals everyday!

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