понеделник, 13 август 2012 г.

Just for the sea!

Hello again for today! 

I can`t wait to show you what I just did, inspired by someone <3

I wanted to do something like that from a long time.

I made a french- I love it so much!
Then I decided to try my nail art striping tape that I have from our friends in Born Pretty Store.

I already showed you in an earlier post the last items I got from their store- New stuff from Born Pretty Store! I have 12 different colours of nail art stripping tape for just $8,99 ! You can order yours here- 12 COLOR Line NAIL ART STRIPING TAPE DESIGN LINES SET
I`m sure you`ll find even more interesting things in their store- as for nails so as for hair and face. They have a free shipping worldwide which is advantage! Don`t forget to use my -10% off coupon code they kindly provided for me- RADIW21. It expires on 30.12.2012. So hurry up and place your order! :)

More pictures of my mani ->

I painted the anchor and the float with acrylic paints.

Finished with a coat of Seche Vite top coat- my favourite one! :)

So, All on board! We`re going for a cruise in the sea! :)


Here it is once again, made almost 2 years later ->

The only difference is that here I made both elements- the anchor and the float on each hand and I didn`t used striping tape but only acrylic paint to make the blue line.

And one more time the same ->

And the matching toes :) ->

And again the same on another nails ->

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