неделя, 12 август 2012 г.

Оrange toes :)

Good evening everyone!

I just polished my toe nails and I`ll show what citrus toes I have now :)

I used Perfect S22 for the french on the big toe and for the other nails. It`s not opaque at all, so I had to apply 4 coats (!) on the other nails and two coats over white polish on the french. I don`t like transparent polishes :-/
Anyway. I wanted to make some oranges and my favourite curious eyes peeking behind :) I painted the oranges with the One Stroke technique and acrylic paints.

Here is one upside down picture ->

I don`t think I`ll wear this polish much time. I feel like it`s not my colour. Or it`s not for my toes...
Hope you like it! :)
Good night!

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