четвъртък, 30 август 2012 г.

New from Born Pretty Store


I have new things to show you from my favourite store- Born Pretty Store!

As usual, I`ll show them to you one by one with direct link to the item in the store.

Let`s start with the first one:

There are eight different colours of elliptic shape rhinestones- some of the colours are double quantity. I love their soft candy colours. Can`t wait to try them! :)

Next one is the acrylic paint ->

I was searching for this type of purple from a long time and now I found it! Lovely purple colour in more lovely 75ml!!! We have lot`s of work to do with this bottle. LOL The price is more than acceptable for this quantity - only $6,70. The color is with creammy consistance which makes it perfect for One Stroke painting! I`ll show you the result as soon as I try it!

Next one, the owl earrings ->

Theese cute little owls are specially for a friend of mine who adores owls! :* I`ll show them to you on her ears once she gets them. 
You can find them in the store in two colours- blue (like theese) or red.

And the last thing on the first pic that I didn`t show you alone are the white rhinestones ->

They are 144 Bornpretty Crystals in white colour which looks like opal to me. Every crystal size is approximately 2,7- 2,8mm.

What do you think? I think the products are gorgeous! Can`t wait to try them all!
And you don`t forget to visit Born Pretty Store and enjoy the variousity of products they have for nail art, cosmetics, hair, even home and garden!
You can use my -10% coupon code for discount in their store- RADIW21. I`m sure you`ll love their store and the kind people who works for it! Don`t forget also they have a free shipping worldwide! And of course- low prices!

Hope you enjoy!

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