събота, 11 август 2012 г.

Loves me, Loves me not...

Hello everyone!

I`m back from my vacation! Did you miss me? Hope you had a great week!
Now I have new decoration to show you, as I just changed my nails look :)

I wanted to make something beige on my nails, because of a new dress I bought (you can see it in the background). So I decided to make this decoration of Teddy bear, that I have on a tip from a long time!

I used China Glaze- Glimpse for the base, applied in three coats:

China Glaze- Glimpse

It`s nice nude colour, but it makes stripes and that`s why it needed 3 coats for full coverage. I already used it when I made the Tom and Jerry decoration and also for the cute Giraffes.

China Glaze- Glimpse (without top coat)
China Glaze- Glimpse (with top coat)

Then I painted the Teddy Bear using acrylic paints. I saw that cute bear on a mini postcard long time ago and made it on the tip. Now I found the card and made some pictures with it ->

And some more pictures ->

Hope you like it and enjoy it!

And here is another variety of the decoration on my client`s nails ->

I used Bundle Monster BM-317 stamping plate for the nails with the hearts :)

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