вторник, 21 август 2012 г.

China Glaze VS. Moda

Hello friends!

In this post I`ll show you a comparison I made between China Glaze`s Strawberry fields and Moda 234.
Here they are in the bottles ->

They are very similar and not the same in the bottles. 
China is a little bit more pinky and has more golden shimmer in it.

But when they`re applied on nails they look the same, as you`ll see for yourself ->

China Glaze 716 "Strawberry Fields" & Moda 234 (direct sunlight)

China Glaze 716 "Strawberry Fields" & Moda 234 (without direct sunlight) 

China Glaze 716 "Strawberry Fields" & Moda 234

I think Moda is great replacement of China`s Strawberry fields and the price is more than greater- about $1.2 here, in Bulgaria. Moda is a Turkish brand so I suppose it could be found in other countries, too.
I hope it`s useful to you! :)

I have only the Strawberry Fields on nails for now. It`s combined with cute Me To You decoration.

I`ll show you Moda as well when I try it! :)

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  1. Модата определено повече ми харесва и ако я видя някъде веднага я грабвам!

    1. Мдам... То за тия пари е грехота да не я вземеш. :)