сряда, 15 август 2012 г.

My new items from Born Pretty Store

Hello again!

As I told you in my previous post, I have lots of new things to show you, because I just recieved my last package from our friends from Born Pretty Store! Wow! You`re real fast- just a week passed and I got my package! Thank you! :)
And here are the stuffs ->

I`ll show you every item in a different picture. Click the links to find the products in the store.

Let`s start with the first one- the polish ->

Beautiful dark purple colour with blue finish. It`s from the brand Dear Lee and the number is 059. Click the link above to buy it!

Continuing with the blue colour, next are the rhinestones ->

Beautiful blue crystals, 2,7- 2,8mm size.

Two different types (one curved tips and one straight tips) of tweezers perfect for precise applying of every sort of nail art decorations also for eyelashes. 

And the last one is the necklace ->

It`s so cute and matches perfectly with my Hello Kitty ring!

And here they are both ->

Hope you like them and visit Born Pretty Store! I`m sure you`ll find lots of useful things as for nail art so as for makup, jewelery and so on. I`ll remind the -10% off coupon code, they kindly gave me- RADIW21- you can use it unlimited times, till 30.12.2012.
They also have Ebay shop and are Top Rated Seller
And a big advantage is the worldwide free shipping and the low prices you`ll find in their store.
Be sure to check their on-line store- Born Pretty Store!

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  1. Много са сладки кититата,въпреки че не съм им фен, и много хубаво ти стоят на тена /или поне изглежда че имаш такъв/ :)