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New from Born Pretty Store

Good morning!

I couldn`t post my review- post yesterday as I prommised so I appologise for that. Here it is now- what new I recieved theese days from Born Pretty Store ->

In fact, there are two things I recently bought from their site- a phone case for my new phone Samsung Galaxy S5 and a plate holder for my octagonal stamping plates. :)

Starting with the plate holder ->

24 Slots Nail Art Stamping Plate Holder Organizer Concise Pattern

It contains 12 double- side "pockets". In the pic bellow you can see  how they`re placed in one pocket- two slots ->

The slots are perfectly sized for that type of stamping plates, but you can use it with circle stamping plates too.
Very suitable and fashion, I recommend it! :)

Now for the phone case.

Fantastic Rhinestoned Shimmer Folding Design Leather Case For Samsung Galaxy S5

I chose the hot pink one #1 colour but it`s available in 6 different colours you can choose from- hot pink, silver, blue, gold, pink and lilac. Lovely shimmery leather phone case that protects the phone from scratches and dust. It can also be a card holder for your cards, as you can see on the pic above.

It`s suitable for watching videos on your phone because you can place it like this and no need to hold it in your hands.

The sparkling rhinestones on the leather belt just complete the fashion look of the case.

Now to remind you the -10% discount code you can use in Born Pretty Store when you make an order- RADIG10.
I recommend you to order a plate organizer if you`re a nail art lover, because I`m sure you have loooots of stamping plates LOL. It`s very cute and comfortable.
For those of you, who still don`t know (I`m sure they are not many) I`ll tell you that the site offers free worldwide shipping.

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