неделя, 20 октомври 2013 г.

Purple French with Violets

Good evening all.

Second post for today but the next week I`ll be very bussy and won`t have time to post new decorations so I`ll show you another one now.

The polish used for the purple french is one of my favourite polishes ever- Opi DS Extravagance, applied in two coats.

Opi DS Extravagance

Opi DS Extravagance
Opi DS Extravagance

Opi DS Extravagance

On the other nails I made white french first and then painted the cute violets in white and purple. I used the One Stroke technique and acrylic paints.

Finished with a coat of  SNB UV Top Coat.

It`s my first time using this top coat. It says it`s removable using only acetone and it dries in UV lamp for two minutes. It can be applied over regular polish or uv gel. It promisses high shine finish. Well, it has it for now but we`ll see how long it will stay for. :)


A year later, here it is once again on another nails ->

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