петък, 11 октомври 2013 г.

Pink & Mint


The decoration you`ll see in this post, I`ve already showed you, only in opposite colours- Mint & Pink.

This time most of the nails are in pink and only 2 of them are minty.

The pink polish used here is the same as previous time- Color Club- Blushing Rose.
But the mint colour is different. This time I used Color Club- Blue Ming.
Both are in two coats.

The decoration is again hand- painted with acrylic paints.
Finished with Seche Vite top coat.

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  1. Привет! Номинирах те за TAG: Liebster Award
    Aко прецениш, ще се радвам да отговориш на въпросите :)

    1. Благодаря ти, но ще пропусна. Доста често получавам такива номинации, за което ви благодаря, но нямам време да отговарям.