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False Lashes from Born Pretty Store


First of all, I want to wish all of you to have a great weekend!

And second- today`s post will be one of the rare ones in my blog- it`s based on make up and especially false lashes.

I recieved a few boxes of false lashes to review from Born Pretty Store.

In this post  I`m gonna show you one of them - #010.
You`ll see the other two in some of my next posts.

New Eyelash False Pretty Eyelashes W/Applicater + Glue

Here are some pics of the glue outside the box and the applicater ->
the glue
the applicater

the applicater
the applicater

the applicater

And now let`s see how the lashes look on my eye ->

Please excuse my applying skills but I`m new to this and I still learn myself how to do it LOL.

Overal, I like the final look, though I tought it would look strange on my eye.

Follow the link I gave you at the beginning of the post to find theese lashes in Born Pretty Store. For the price of $5,95 you get 10 pairs of lashes + applicater and glue. I think they worth for the price. Even more- use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount of the price. You can use the code unlimmited times so feel free and go shopping with an international free shipping!

*Products provided for review*

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