събота, 19 октомври 2013 г.

Birthday Me To You


Another one sweet decoration of your favourite bears Me To You on natural nails->

The polish used for the non decoraited nails and for the french on the others is China Glaze - Love`s a Beach. As I`ve told you before- this colour is uncatchable for my camera- bright magenta neon with shimmer and matte finish.

The cute Me To You bears are all birthday- related- they have presents, baloons, flowers...
They`re all hand painted with acrylic paints and placed on the nails with the Transfer technique.

Finally finished the mani with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.


Here it is on another nails, again natural. And here you can see the real colour of the polish ->

And another EDIT, more than year later. Theese are made on natural nails and the polish used here is Models OWN- Bubblegum ->

4 коментара:

  1. От къде са тези стикери?Много са сладки.

    1. Хаха благодаря ти, но това не са стикери. Както съм писала и по- нагоре, рисувани са с акрилни бои.

  2. Имаш ли накъде студио, където мога да дойда, за да ми направиш тези прекрасни декорации?

    1. В момента не работя, тъй като съм с малко дете.