неделя, 21 април 2013 г.

Step by Step Two- colored French & Flower

Hello everyone!

Today is sunday so you can try something new on your nails. That`s why I`ll show you a Step by Step tutorial in this post. Hope you like it! :)

Step by Step Two- colored french & flower

And the things you`ll need are:
- base coat, top coat, black polish, pink neony polish, black and white acrylic paint, detailed brush and glitter flakes.

Let`s see the steps:

1. Apply the base coat and when it`s dry make with the black polish one side of the french.
2. Using the pink polish make the other side of the french.

3. In one upper corner of the nail make three petals of a flower using the same pink polish.
4. Using the black paint and the detailed brush make some swirls below the flower. Add white lines if you want.

5. Outline the petals of the flower with white paint and make in every petal base thin black lines.
6. For the flower stamen place some flakes in its middle. If you want you can place flakes over the french` middle as well, where the two colours meet each other.

7. Cover with top coat and your nails are ready!

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