събота, 27 април 2013 г.

Step by Step LV decoration

Hello everyone!

Today is time for another decoration from the Step by Step- series and I chose to be that one- LV decoration with stamping.

Here is what you`ll need:

- base coat, top coat, black polish, black acrylic paint and detailed brush, gold polish, stamper, scrapper, LV stamping plate (you can buy yours here), gold rhinestones.

And now the steps:

1. Apply the base coat and let it dry. Then make the black french.
2. The polish must be dry to make the stamping so let`s make the black lines above it, till it dries.

3. Apply gold polish over the picture with the logo on the stamping plate, remove the excess polish with the scrapper and take the picture with the stamper.

4. Apply the pic directly over the black french.
5. Place a gold rhinestone where the black lines cross each other and apply top coat!


And that`s it!

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