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Nail Art Foil from Born Pretty Store


We start the week with a review of nail art foils that I recieved from Born Pretty Store.

Nail foils from Born Pretty Store

You can find them in the link bellow ->

I used the silver one for making this design.

I used special transfer foil glue, but it`s the same if you place the foil on fresh, not completely dried polish.
Here is what small part of it I used for making theese flowers:

Applied the glue as flower`s petals and when it became transparent I placed the foil over it and gently pressed with an orange stick.

Then just outlined the petals of the flowers with black acrylic paint.
And that`s it!

When I first tried nail art foil maybe a year ago I was very dissapointed that applying top coat ruined the rainbow effect of the foil. So now I hoped it will be different. But, no. Again the top coat ruined all the beauty of the foil :(
Here it is- the left finger is without top coat and the right one is with Seche Vite top coat ->

You can see the difference.
I don`t know if there is some kind of top coat that won`t spoil everything?!
I tried different top coats and everytime was the same.
If you can help me with advise I`ll be more than happy.

Anyway, the foil can be found at Born Pretty Store in 24 different colours to choose from and for the price of $2,99 and free delivery worldwide! They come with a plastic box so the foil won`t be crushed. Every box contains 113cm in length and 2,5cm width sheet of nail art foil.
There are lots of nail arts you can do with it- just use your imagination.

*Products were provided for review*

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  1. This looks so lovely! I can't wait to try the foils. I read somewhere that water based top coats don't wrinkle the foil, so that might be worth trying! I think BPS has a water based top coat now. :)

    1. Thank u. I`ll have to order and try it then. I love the foil effect but I don`t like how it looks with regular top coat over. I`ll try the water based one.

  2. I have heard if you put nail glue over the foil again it will not do this. I haven't tried so I don't know for sure. So it is worth a try. :)