петък, 12 април 2013 г.

Step by Step Opposite Gradient

Hello beauties!

We start the day with a Step by Step tutorial for you. I`ll show you an idea I saw on the net and recreated it in different colours.

Let`s see what we need first:

-white, pink and hot pink polishes for the gradient (you can choose different colours but they have to be closer shades), top coat, a piece of sponge, nail art striping tape.

And here is what you`ll have to do:

1.  Apply on one side of the sponge as big as the nail is, from the three colours you chose as the darkest stays up and the lighter stays down.
2. Apply the colours on the nail. Repeat the steps if necessary.


3.  Let it dry well or apply fast drying top coat as I did.
4. When it`s dry, start sticking the tape that you`ve cut in advance.

5. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 only this time opposite- let the dark colour stays down on the nail and the lightest one- up.
6. Remove the tapes immediately. 

7. Cover with top coat.

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