понеделник, 24 ноември 2014 г.

Zhostovo painting

My first attempt ever to paint zhostovo flowers was on this tip in the middle ->

And on the nails was my second try. :) I like those type of flowers and I`ll definetely try them often from now on.
Back on the nails. I painted the flowers on the middle finger nail of one hand and on the thumb nail of the other ->

On the index nails the purple glitter polish is Bluesky gel polish 901 in two coats.
On the other nails I made moon french using two coats of Bluesky CS27 and a coat of Bluesky 536 over it.
Finished with Bluesky gel polish top coat.

And here is one more tip I made recently with 3D snow globe made with UV gel and gel polish Bluesky ->

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