събота, 8 март 2014 г.

Flowers for Women`s Day


I just realized that my first publication on the blog was on that day, two years ago wich means my blog turns 2 years today! Wow! How the time flies! :)

Anyway. Today is a Women`s Day and I want to wish all of you, ladies out there, lots of love and happiness!

Here is today`s decoration ->

In fact, the flowers are the same as in my yesterday`s post, only this time the base is different. I sponged Catrice Crushed Crystals 06 Call me Princess on the tips.

Then painted the one stroke flowers and finished with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

I made this design on a tip and you can see it in the pic bellow ->


Here it is on another nails ->

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