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New from Born Pretty Store

In this post you`ll see what I ordered and came from Born Pretty Store recently. It`s not only for nails so everyone might find something interesting. :)

As you see, there are a cuticle pusher, a stamping plate, a cosmetic brush and a phone case.
Starting with the first thing- the cuticle pusher.

Cuticle Pusher Remover Stainless Steel Manicure Nail

It`s half- priced now and it`s just $0,99! :)

Next is the stamping plate full of cats :)

1Pc Nail Art Stamp Template Cartoon Cute Bear Pattern #W-17

I already tried the doggie and the paws and you can see them here and here.

The cosmetic brush I ordered to use it as a dust remover from the nails when I`m doing a mani.

1Pc Rhinestoned Pink Handled Mini Powder Brush Mushroom Shaped Blush Brush

It`s very soft and stylish with theese rhinestones on the handle.

Last thing in this package was the phone case. It`s for my man`s phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

1Pc Leather Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy S4/Note3 Simple Colored Visible Screen Folding Design

Here are some pics of the case itself...

...on the back...

...and with the phone in it ->

Suitable for watching a movie or a video without holding your phone.

That was it! Hope you found interesting and useful information.
You can find all the items when you visit Born Pretty Store or just click the correct link bellow my pics. :)
You can make international orders because they ship worldwide and most importantly- without any fees and taxes- free shipping! :)
Use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount in their store.

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